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Craftsman Garage Door Opener

In the Craftsman garage door opener range, the devices fall into two major categories. There are chain drive and belt drive models. They use the same technology for operation. They also have the same design. The difference comes from the drive. The metal chain is durable, but noisy. The belt has a similar shape to the chain, but since it is made from rubber with steel reinforcement, it is more flexible and makes less noise.

We have the expertise in garage door repair as well as remote and opener programming

Craftsman Garage Door Opener in CaliforniaMost openers of the brand are equipped with an AC motor. There are also models with a DC motor. They also feature an inverter for turning the AC current from the electrical grid to DC current. DC motors are generally quieter compared to their counterparts. They also have better energy efficiency. The AC units stand out with their durability. There are two primary power options - 1/2 and 3/4 horsepower.

The Assurelink technology is designed to give you greater control over the operation of the overhead door. It enables you to monitor the door and to operate it remotely over the internet. It also features a wall timer which works to close the door automatically a fixed time after the car exits the garage. The Craftsman garage door openers that are equipped with this technology come with tri-frequency remote controls. The tri-frequency technology gives the transmitters a wider range and reduces the risk of interference.

Another technology used in the openers of this brand is the DieHard battery backup. The battery starts powering the motor in case the main power goes out. With it, the opener can run up to 20 cycles within a day.

There is a comprehensive range of accessories available for the openers developed by Craftsman. These range from safety sensors and remote controls to entry pads.


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