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Amarr Traditional Garage Doors

The classic style of Amarr Traditional garage doors is simplistic and elegant. It is inspired by the units first produced by the company in the 1950's and 1960's. It is modern and creates a sense of traditional coziness. The most characteristic features of the models in this brand's line are the raised panels.

All Amarr Traditional garage doors can come with wind reinforcement when required

Amarr Traditional Garage Doors in CaliforniaThere are four models in the Traditional line. Each one of them can be customized with the selection of panel design, window design and color. There are different structure options as well.

The Heritage model is made from heavy-duty steel. It is equipped with a system which helps to prevent finger pinching during operation and maintenance. There is a choice between four panel designs, nineteenwindow designs and seven different colors including golden oak. There are three structure options. The first one has a single layer of steel. With the second one, polystyrene panels with vinyl backing are added to the steel layer. The third option involves adding another layer of steel to the back of the door.

With the Lincoln model, it is possible to pick from four panel designs, nineteenwindow designs and four colors. There is one construction option. It involves two layers of steel with a polystyrene panel in between them. The Stratford model is made from steel with standard gauge. There are four different types of panels, nineteendifferent windows and elevencolors to select from. The structure options are the same as with the Heritage model. The Olympus model has a three-layer structure with insulating polyurethane foam in the middle and two steel layers around it. There are two panel design options, nineteenwindow design options and six colors to choose from.

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