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Aluminum Weather Strips How to Attach Them in Garage Doors

05/03/2014 Back To Blog

One of the factors that homeowners should assess when buying or choosing garage door openers, is insulation quality. In most door openers, aluminum weather strips are often utilized for effective insulation, and these are attached on the door's top and bottom sides. Without any insulation, the motor vehicles and items stored in the garage could be damaged by water, frost or insects. Here's how to properly attach aluminum weather strips in garage doors.Aluminum Weather Strips How to Attach Them in Garage Doors

Buy Aluminum Weather Strips and Measure the Door's Opening

Before buying aluminum weather stripping materials, first measure the height and width of the garage door. Purchase aluminum weather strips that are 5 feet longer than the current door's measurements. If you own automatic garage door openers, make sure you turn off the door's power supply, as well as place several large items or boxes under the door, to safely hold it while you do the installation.

Install The Stripping on One side First

Place the weather stripping roll along the garage floor, and install it on one side of the overhead door. Make sure you carefully attach the aluminum strip to the door using roofing nails, and hammer one nail into the floor for every 6 inches of weather strip. The weather strips are a low-cost and effective way for reducing cooling and heating expenses, as well as stop drafts.

Remove or Cut any Excess Aluminum Strips

Once you have now covered the garage door's bottom edge, garage door repair experts recommend that you remove or cut off any excess aluminum tin strips. After installing all the weather stripping, try opening and closing the garage door a couple of times, to ensure the stripping is not blocking or preventing the door from closing or opening.

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