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Galvanized Torsion Springs

Most residential garage doors available for sale come with galvanized torsion springs and hardware. This has been the norm for quite some time now. Even if you have an older unit, it most probably has galvanized parts.

We can repair remote clickers and wall units and replace their faulty components

Galvanized Torsion Springs in CaliforniaThese springs are made from galvanized steel wire. The galvanizing process involves dipping the wire into molten zinc. In this way, the wire receives coating which protects is more effectively from rust and corrosion. The zinc coating creates a barrier preventing air and moisture from getting to the steel underneath. The result is more durable hardware with preserved natural strength.

Torsion springs play a primary role in the operation of overhead door. Usually, there is one spring for each door. It is set over a shaft, which is fixed on the wall above the unit. At each end of the shaft there is a drum with a steel lift cable attached to it. The bottom end of the cable is attached to the lower end of the door from the inside.

The spring is loaded with an amount of force that matches the weight of the door. This enables the hardware component to create balance and to hold the door stably in place. During the opening of the door, the force is released through the unwinding of the spring. It is applied to the shaft in the form of torque so that the door can be lifted up. During closing, the spring winds and gets loaded with force again. The opener provides only a small amount of force during opening and closing.

Even though galvanized torsion springs are made to be more durable, each one has a fixed cycle life. This means that it will break after completing a set number of opening and closing cycles. The zinc coating prevents premature damage and breaking.

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